The history of images of Our Lady of Fatima Rosary

Several articles about the iconography of Our Lady of Fatima, from the past until to the present day are revisited some of the plastic compositions of the various artists who have contributed over the years to the different types of representation of the Virgin of Fátima following the 1917 Fatima apparitions.

Know the meaning and symbolism of the main representations, from the first works produced in saint makers workshops to modern interpretations of the image of the Most Holy Rosary Queen, by the artists of today.

Our Lady Of Fatima Capelinha’s Rich Crown

The most attentive have already noticed that the Lady of Fatima "Capelinha” has two crowns. The silver gilt crown, used daily and the "Precious Crown" also called... Read more...

About the sculpture of Our Lady Rosary of Fatima

by José Ferreira Thedim and created in 1920 to worship in the Chapel of the Apparitions, it is a piece with 1037 mm ... Read more...