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DeFátima online store – Our Lady Sculptures, its property of DADIGIT Unipessoal Lda for  Religious Items Commerce.

Our Head office is in Fatima, place that had, around 100 years ago, the privilegie of having Our Lady’s visit.


We are a team that esteems the catolic values and the passion for different representations of Our Lady of Fátima’ sculptures.

Throughout our lives, we have always been guided by the values of honesty and integrity, which leaded us to the creation of deFátima store - Our Lady Sculptures.



Since the first moment that we intend to facilitate the acquisition of quality sculptures, providing a trustworthy service, qualified and secure.

Only then we can serve our “brothers” in the joy of receiving and offer a Virgin Mary of Rosary of Fátima' sculpture, with origin in the place that 100 years ago had Our Lady’s visit.

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We have a “dream” that we intend to achieve.

Now that we are living a memorable moment with the centenary of the apparitions of Virgin Mary to three shepherds, we are closer to accomplish our "dream": that each home or community where lives a Christian spirit, has with them the companionship of an Our Lady of Fátima’ sculpture.

Together we will succeed!

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