How can I find a certain item?
Our products are classified into different categories (Our Lady of Fátima, Apparition, 3 Little Shepperds, Accessories and Centenary). Go to the category that interests you using the menu and you will see the products included in it.
To find items you can also use the search bar located at the top right area (near the shopping cart) of all site pages.

There are many items in the same category. How can I apply a filter?
To reduce the number of items displayed within each category, use the filters located on the left side of the page, selecting the item’s characteristic(s) more important. You can also filter the item’s display based on the desired price range.

How are the items measured?
- Statues are measured from the bottom of the base (including) to the top of the head (without crown).
- Crowns are measured by the diameter of the base that rests on the statue's head.
Please note that the designation "Crown for Our Lady of Fatima 40cm to 53cm" (example) refers to the size of the statues for which this crown is recommended.

Is the crown or halo shown in some photos included in the price and does it accompany the statue?
- On plastic fiber statues, the plastic crown or halo is included in the price and comes with the statue (unless otherwise stated on the item page).
  Note: some statues may show a filigree crown in the photos. As indicated on the pages of these items, these crowns are not included in the price and do not accompany the statue.
- Wooden statues do not include a crown or halo. If you want your statue to have a crown or halo, you should add it to your cart so that it is part of your order.


The order of any product, chosen from among the existing product catalog, is made by placing them on the shopping cart.

How can I add an item to the shopping cart?
After selecting an item, its size and quantity, you should press the button “ADD TO SHOPPING CART” so that the item becomes part of your order.

What are the following steps to finish an order?

1. After you have added an item to your shopping cart, will appear an information window that shows the amount that you have to pay.
- If you do not intend to purchase more items, click the button “FINISH ORDER” and you will be directed to the shopping cart summary.
- If you want to buy more items, click the button “CONTINUE SHOPPING” and repeat the procedure until you have added to the cart all the desired items.

2. At any time you can access the shopping cart by clicking on "SHOPPING CART" in the upper right corner of the page. In the cart, you can remove items or access the shopping cart summary by clicking "ORDER".


01. SUMMARY – There are presented all the items added to your cart, the desired quantities for each item (which can be changed by using the - and + buttons), the unit price, respective shipping cost and the total price.
Note: The shipping cost can be changed according to your location or promotions.

02. ENTER - You can choose to checkout via Paypal (only for clients with a Paypal account) or you can checkout on our website. In case you decide to checkout on our website, click on the "FINISH ORDER" button. Then you have three options:

- CREATE AN ACCOUNT [Register as a customer and order]
  - Write the requested information and click “REGISTER”;
  - Add all of the information reggarding to the delivery address and contact and click “SAVE”.

- ENTER [Login for registed customers]
  - Enter your email and your password.

- INSTANT CHECKOUT [Order as a Guest]
  - Add all the information requested. In case you want an invoice address different from the delivery address, you should check that option;
Note: If you are not already a customer you should create and account, because you can manage your orders as well your wish lists.

Consequences of incorrect information filling are your responsibility.

03. ADDRESS – You can make changes to your address or add a new address. Click “FINISH ORDER”.

04. SHIPPING – Select a shipping option. You can choose from the best price or the fastest. Check the option that you agree with the terms of service and click “FINISH ORDER”.

05. PAYMENT – Select the desired payment method. In case you decide to make your payment by BANK TRANSFER, you must send proof of payment and the order number to the email in order to expedite the process. (to know more about payments click here)

3. Check and confirm your order. You should receive on the email that you provided us a order  confirmation and if it is the case, the respective payment instructions.


• Go to your Customer Area, using your email address and password.
• Place your order.
• At the end of your order, you can make the observations you think are necessary.
• After confirming the order and have seen the message "Your order has been successfully submitted", you will receive a confirmation email.
• Your order is done and now is just wait for the item’s arrival.


If the final weight of your order is less than or equal to 2 kg you can make the purchase from almost any country (with very few exceptions).

For orders weighing more than 2 kg, at this moment you can only shop if you are from Portugal, including the autonomous regions of Azores and Madeira, as well from other European Union (EU) countries, United States (US) and most of South American countries, including Brazil.
If you live in a country that it's not mentioned in the list above, when indicating your adress, eventually you can make your order, but to be able to finish the checkout process you should contact our customer service (at or by our online/offline chat system), so that we can calculate the shipping costs for your address.


Every item will be restocked in the shortest time possible, or will be removed from the site.
You can order certain SOLD OUT items, as the shipping will be made as soon as it is available.


The photographs are taken in high quality with the purpose to reproduce with many details as possible each items. You can find small differences in the items in which the raw material itself and its manufacturing process influence the final result, as in the case of products with manual finishing. Please note that due to the hand-made painting of the scultptures, rarely two images are the same as each artisan applies his personal touch.
Also note the settings of your monitor, which can influence the colour of the item you see.


The orders can be payed by ATM and MB WAY (only for Portugal), PayPal, Credit CardBank Transfer or Cash on Delivery (with Fee)*.

Payment by Bank Transfer
To identify your payment by bank transfer, you must send the payment receipt and the order number to the email Your order will be processed as soon as our bank confirm the transfer (usually two business days for transfers outside Portugal).

Due to the high value charged by Banks in some countries outside the SEPA (European Union countries), we advise you to pay for other systems such as TransferWiseWestern Union or Remessa Online (Brazil only) at reduced rates.

*Payment by Cash on Delivery (with Fee)
Only for shipping whose destination is Portugal Mainland and for amounts up to 200€. You can place your order and pay only when you receive it.
For that, simply select the "Cash on Delivery" payment method when you complete the order process.
This payment method at charge, has a increase rate of about 3€ to 4€ to the shipping cost, depending on the desired carrier. This value is displayed at the order’s payment stage.

If the value of your order is more than 200€, or your destination is in the islands of Madeira or Azores, and you want this type of payment, contact us directly by phone 249 404 555 or send an email to, with the information of your order (full name, NIF, address and desired items) so that we can fulfill your request.

To learn more about the different payment methods available on our shop, please read our SECURE PAYMENT page.



The shipping for Portugal Mainland is made by CTT Expresso or Chronopost.
For the Autonomous Regions of Azores and Madeira is made by CTT Expresso.
For the rest of the UE countries, the shipping can be made by CTT Expresso or Chronopost, depending on the destination country or on your preference.

Shipping with Cash On Delivery (with Fee)
We make shipments with Cash On Delivery (with Fee)* payment only for Portugal Mainland. In this case it increases the costs about 3€ to 4€ per shipment.
If your delivery address is in Madeira or Azores islands ou in a UE country, and you want this option, please contact us directly by chat or by email to with your order details (full name, VAT number, address and desired items) and we will try to satisfy your request.
*Note: Option valid only for orders up to a maximum of € 200.00.

Delivery deadlines
Portugal Continental: from 1 to 3 business days after shipment, unless it is out of stock.
Autonomous Regions of Azores and Madeira: from 1 to 15 business days after shipment (depending on the island), unless it is out of stock.
Countries from the European Union (EU): from 3 to 8 business days (depending on the country of destination), unless it is out of stock.

Note: In the period fron May to October due to the commemoration of the apparitions of Fátima, our suppliers have difficulty meeting the high number of requests, and there may be sudden stockouts. The normal time for stock replenishment is 1 to 2 weeks.



The invoice/receipt will be sent by email to the email address provided at the registration. If the billing address is the same as the shipping address, the invoice/receipt will follow the order.


For the countries of the European Union (EU), all products’ price include VAT at the legal rate of 23%.


The delivery of purchased products in this service complies with the legal standards applicable in Portugal to exercise distance commerce. To learn more, see the Shipping and Returns page.


In case of questions see our Terms and Conditions of Use or contac us directly. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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