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Our Secure Payment System

In order to make the payment of your order as safe as possible, DADIGIT LDA has implemented in our online store, deFÁTIMA - Images of Our Lady, secure payment systems in which all transactions are carried out directly on the websites and platforms of the entities involved.

And because we take our and our customers security very seriously, the entire website is on a secure HTTPS connection with SSL - certified connection (as you can see by the padlock in the address bar of your browser) to allow confidentiality in the transmission of the information inserted here.


Using ATM

ATM is one of the most secure payment methods and that offers a greater sense of security to the users.

Our deFÁTIMA store offers a complete integration of the ATM system, but with a very simple procedure.
That is, the ATM reference is generated in real time and presented to the customer in the payment stage of the shopping cart.
The data for payment by ATM reference is also sent by email to the customer, still being available in the user’s area for consultation.
The process is carried out automatically and without our direct intervention, in order to guarantee maximum safety.
The customer only needs to copy or print this data and go to an ATM to make the payment, with 4 business days to do so. You can also do this through your homebanking service.

You do not need to send us a copy of the payment receipt, because the status of your order automatically changes to "Paid" when the reference is paid.

Please note that the order is processed only after the payment, and if it takes longer for you to settle, more time it will take you to receive your order.

Note: our ATM payment system is integrated with the platform of the IfthenPay entity, that is an Authorized and Supervised Payment Institution by Banco de Portugal.



Payment by bank transfer is one of the most used in Portugal.
If you wish to use this payment method in our online store, when you finalize your purchase, you must select this method in the "Payment" stage of your order.
It will be presented the data that you must use to make payment by bank transfer, using an ATM or your bank system by Internet, or even by making a deposit at the branch of the banking entity designated by us.

Please use the following details to make your payment:

Bank Transfer Data

For: DADIGIT, Unipessoal Lda

Morada: Rua de São José 5 TB 3º D, 2495-434 Fátima - Portugal

Bank: BPI
Agency: Cova da Iria - Fátima

NIB (Portugal): 0010 0000 52799270001 64
IBAN (outside Portugal): PT50 0010 0000 5279 9270 0016 4

To expedite the process of identifying the payer, please take a photo or scan the confirmation of the transfer and send it to the following email:

Please note that the order is stays captive only for 4 business days. And since it's processed only after the payment confirmation, the longer it takes you to settle, the longer it takes you to receive the order.


Using BANK TRANSFER outside the SEPA geographical area

Due to the high costs of banking transactions to the customer and to the seller by bank transfers of areas that are not part of the SEPA area (made up of European Union countries), despite we accept payments by bank transfer from countries that are not part of that area, we recommended payment by other secure and fast systems such as TransferWise or Western Union that offer reduced rates compared to Banks.

What is the geographical area of the SEPA?

SEPA covers 32 countries: 27 from the European Union, 3 from the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and Monaco.


Using Cash on Delivery (with Fee)

The order is sent at charge for the indicated address on the purchase process. The payment is made to the employee of the carrier, upon delivery.

This payment system allows you to pay your order just on the act of the reception. This is the reason why this payment is called Cash on delivery or at charge. The order is delivered by the carrier when it is made the payment of its total amount.

This payment method is dependent on the destination and on the total value of the order.

Currently, we only ship with Cash on delivery to Portugal Mainland and up to a maximum of 200€.
If the destination of your order is for the Azores, Madeira or EU countries or the total value of the order exceeds 200€, when finishing your order, it won’t be shownd this payment option, but you have other ways.
However, if you only want to use this payment system, contact us through +351 249 404 555, and we will trey to fulfill your request.

The Cash on delivery is an ideal solution for those who only want to pay on the order’s delivery. This is a fast, convenient and secure payment method.


Using PayPal

PayPal ( is one of the most used payment systems in the online world. Almost every online store has this system available.
PayPal is a leader in "security technology, using the most advanced fraud prevention systems to fight cybercrime."
It is a system that allows the money transfer. So, the buyer just must have credit in their PayPal account to make the transfer to the seller, who also has a PayPal account.
In a basic way, it works like a bank, "deposits" money into the PayPal account and then it can be transferred to another account.

To have credit (money) in PayPal, you have two possibilities: Bank transfer or Credit card.
If you use the "credit card" option, you do not have to have direct credit in your PayPal account, since every time you use the system, the amount of the transfer will be charged to your card.
If you use the bank transfer system, when you transfer to PayPal the desired amount, you will have to wait at least 3 to 5 days before using the PayPal account, time when this amount will be available to use.

The way to use this system, is PayPal's biggest advantage. Whenever you use this service, you will NEVER need to enter your credit card/bank account details to the seller. That is, your credit card/bank account details are encrypted at PayPal, and the transfer/payment is done internally according to your authorization.

When you are in an online store and choose the "PayPal" payment option, you will be sent to PayPal's official website. There, it will be asked for your PayPal data access, email and password.
Then, all informations regarding the amounts that you have to pay are presented and your confirmation is requested. After confirmation, you will be redirected to the page of our online store, where you will find the confirmation of your order and the respective payment. Thus, there is no direct exchange of personal payment information. The only information that both the Customer and the Store have of each other is the email of both PayPal account.

After you have an account, the system has a simple use, is available in Portuguese and it is completely free! If you do not have a PayPal account yet, enjoy and create one now, and start using its benefits. All information you need to register and use the service is available on the PayPal website.



Our store allows the customer to pay for the items using his credit card.
As we know that many people are afraid to make payments using this system online, we have chosen to provide this form of payment through PayPal's secure platform.
Like this, we guarantee and respect security of the transmission of data and the confidentiality of your financial information, since all the information is introduced and processed directly by PayPal.

It is not necessary to have a Paypal account to make purchases through this system, you simply should have a normal credit card, a prepaid card or a virtual card. Virtual cards can be generated on MB Net or MB Way, and allows the actual card data used for payment never be shared even with PayPal.

If you wish to use this method of payment, you should, upon finalizing your order, select the payment method by Credit Card or PayPal account.
You will be redirected to a PayPal page where you should click PAY WITH BANK ACCOUNT OR CREDIT CARD.
In the new PayPal window, you must enter your credit card information, being careful to verify that the address shown shows the lock closed for secure connection. By "Agree and Continue", the PayPal system will validate the data entered, and in case everything is correct, you will be informed that the transaction was successful.

You will receive an email with the indication that your payment has been successful. You can calmly wait for your order, as you have just proceeded to pay by credit card at the PayPal platform, in a safe and simple way to use.


If you have any questions or if you want some help or clarification, do not hesitate to contac us.

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